COVID-19 Information

!!Important!!: Please wear a mask in all buildings on campus! Please wash your hands regularly! Please adhere to hygiene rules and a cough and sneeze etiquette!

On this page, you will be updated on how Helmut-Schmidt University/ University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg is dealing with the developments of the pandemic and which measures have been taken from closure to the present. We will update this page whenever new measures are being instated.


International students are welcome to contact the International Office with any questions at all times. Please do not hesitate to email or call us!
We are taking nominations for the fall trimester and the German Intensive Summer Program! Please contact the International office for further Information!

General Information

  • The University was closed on March 12 due to a student being tested positive for Covid 19
  • All classes remaining for the Winter trimester and respective exams were suspended until further notice
  • The campus was closed down and staff sent to work from home
  • The president has since published a video message on our homepage on a weekly basis. If you require a translation of said messages, please contact the International Office.


Below you can find the most important measures explained in the videos. 

General Information

  • The closure of campus has been prologed until June 14th, 2020
  • Only a team of necessary personell is still on Campus for Laboratory project maintenance as well as administrative work.
  • A control center has been instated to deal with central tasks concerning the shut-down
  • An FAQ and information page was published on our ILIAS platform. It lists information for students, staff and researchers.
  • The library will reopen on May 6th. People allowed on campus can order books and pick them up. All others will receive ordered books via post. Please wear a mask to access the library.

Information for Students

  • Exams for the winter trimester have been postponed. News on new examination dates will be published here soon!
  • Classes for the spring trimester started on April 6th and are going to be held online entirely.
  • Students may rent seminar rooms for group studies if their dormitory common rooms are to small! Please contact your group commander for more information.
  • Information on exams for the Spring trimester will be published soon!
  • Please keep in close contact with your teachers and comrades so you are always up to date on any changes.
  • Students who are required to use laboratories to finish their Master theses, will be allowed to do so. Please contact your academic mentors for further instruction!
  • From June 15th, small groups may meet for seminars in preparation for examinations. Further Information will be published in time!

Information for Staff and Researchers

  • Researchers who are working for third-party-funded projects will be allowed to use laboratories and university facilities again after May 3rd given that all hygene requirements can be met and social distancing rules apply!
  • If you are teaching a class online this spring, please do keep in touch with your students on a regular basis and please update them on any changes in schedules or rules.
  • Faculty and team meetings shall be held online until further notice
  • There will be no work time recording until June 14th
  • Please do stay in frequent contact with your colleagues and pass on important information to those working in your departments and teams!






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