COVID-19 Information

Date: May 9th, 2022:

 Should you feel any signs of a cold or infection, please remain in your dorm room and contact the Covid CurrentCell at the following number: +4940 6541 4072 . They will then see to it that quarantine protocols are in order and that you can get tested. You will also receive medical attention, should you need it!

Renewal of HSU Campus regulations (May 2nd):

  • On Monday (02.05.) the obligation to wear a medical mask on our campus will expire. This is in line with the development in our environment — the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg — and takes into account the consensus in the Academic Senate to want to meet without a mask for once in the spring term 2022. However, it is still recommended to wear a medical mask if you deem it necessary.
  • Our public health offices are in charge of quarantining or isolating people who tested positive and those who were potentially in contact with them. Only potential contacts with symptoms will be isolated and tested for Covid-19 by our Campus Health Services. Contacts without symptoms need to do a rapid antigen test. With this test being negative they are also allowed to participate in lectures, seminars, etc. in presence. If your test is positive, you will remain in isolation and recieve medical attention, if needed. If your test is negative, you will recieve instructions on how to behave! Please follow those instructions! Should you not be able to understand them, ask the International Office for a translation!  Failure to follow these directions might result in a citation.
  • HSU is returning to presence lectures and seminars. Should you encounter any troubles contact the International Office and we will coordinate!

Covid-Regulations in Hamburg (since April 30th)

  • You can get two free Covid tests per week in one of the public testing offices. There is one in building H1 on our campus! Please use this method to avoid the spread of Covid. The testing office also offers PCR testing.

  • For more encompassing and official information please check the City of Hamburg’s page here.

  • Nearly all restrictions under the Corona Containment Ordinance have been lifted. As of Saturday, April 30, 2022, the indoor mask requirement and 2Gplus access controls at dance events will also be eliminated.
  • A mask must continue to be worn on public transport throughout Germany. In Hamburg, the FFP2 standard applies. Masks must also be worn in doctors‘ offices.

Do also feel free to check in at the International office should you need anything or have questions!


Letzte Änderung: 9. Mai 2022