Dr.-Ing. Patrick Nowak

Patrick Nowak
H3 – 116
H1 – 2416
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Gebäude H3/H1
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg
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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik
Allgemeine Nachrichtentechnik
Postfach 70 08 22
22008 Hamburg

   Drone Detection with Infrared Cameras in the 5G Network

      • Drone detection in the visible range and with infrared cameras
      • Transmission of image data and camera control via 5G campus network

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   Previous Research: 3D Audio Reconstruction with Headphones

      • 3D audio reconstruction with headphones based on the use of Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) approximated with parametric IIR filter cascades
      • The whole system consists of binaural synthesis, room simulation, and headphone equalization

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   Previous Research: Active Noise Control in Headphones

      • Implementation and Evaluation of Control Schemes for Active Noise Control in Headphones

Principles of different ANC Control Structures

  • Digital Audio Signal Processing (DASP) – Exercise, Lab Exercise
  • Cryptology – Exercise
  • Digital Filters – Exercise

  • F. Ciroku: “HRIRs with Digitally Enhanced Room Effects for Spatial Audio Through Headphones”, Master’s thesis, 2020.
  • F. Ciroku: “Perception of Distance in Spatial Audio Through Headphones”, Project work, 2020.
  • E. Göksügür: “Individualization of HRTFs with CNNs Based on Anthropometric Features”, Master’s thesis, 2019.
  • F. Ciroku: “Evaluation of Methods for Improving the Externalization in Spatial Audio Through Headphones”, Bachelor thesis, 2018.
  • P.-L. Suptil: “Evaluation of Individualized Binaural Recordings for 3D Spatial Audio in Headphones”, Master’s thesis, 2018.
  • T. Banerjee: “Simultaneous Transfer Function Measurement of a Multiple Input Multiple Output System”, Project work, 2018.
  • J. Bellot des Minieres: “Evaluation of Recording and Playback Methods for 3D Spatial Audio”, Master’s thesis, 2017.
  • G. Larnaudie de Ferrand Puginier: “Individual Headphone Equalization via Personal Equal Loudness Measurements for 3D Audio Reconstruction”, Master’s thesis, 2017.
  • L. Hannink: “Generation of Individual HRTFs Based on Anthropometric Measurements and the CIPIC Database”, Project work, 2017.


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