Our research area ranges from digitization of audio and video signals through signal processing and transmission techniques to the reproduction of audio and video with audiovisual devices. The main focus is the system solution, so that the individual aspects of source coding, adapted channel coding and mobile transmission methods are coordinated. In the field of transmission methods, new broadband mobile radio systems and audio/video over IP are focused.


  • Wireless MIMO telecommunication systems (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) with 4 transmit and 4 receive antennas in the 2.4 GHz ISM-band
  • Studies on channel estimation and equalization of frequency-selective MIMO channels
  • MIMO-radar and algorithms
  • Acoustic communication

Dr.Ing. Martin Holters

Network communication

  • Audio over IP
  • Traffic analysis with machine learning

M.Sc. Guillaume Larnaudie de Ferrand

Completed doctoral studies:
Weikert, Lieberei, Beinschob, Hagebölling, Müller, Hinz, Fink

Low-Delay Audio Coding

  • Low-delay audio coding with low bitrate
  • Error robust algorithms
  • Audio over IP
  • Novel digital microphones

Dipl.Ing. Gediminas Simkus
Dr.Ing. Martin Holters
M.Sc. Jannis Carstens

Source Separation

  • Source separation and analysis
  • Upmix-algorithm for stereo signals

Active Noise Control

M.Sc. Etienne Gerat

Non-Linear Signal Processing

  • Surroundsound in headphones
  • Psycho-acoustic equalizer
  • Emulation of analog circuits

Dr.Ing. Martin Holters
Dr.Ing. Patrick Nowak
M.Sc. Lasse Köper

Completed doctoral studies:
Keiler, Holters, Nsabimana, Langen, Corbach, Dempwolf, Türckheim, Smit, von dem Knesebeck, Mieth, Fink, Eichas, Urbansky, Rivera Benois, Kraft, Nowak

Video Coding

  • Video over IP
  • High efficiency video coding
  • Objective quality evaluation

Ship Detection

  • Ship localisation and segmentation
  • Feature- and contour-based algorithms
  • Ship classification systems

M.Sc. Daniel Ahlers

Segmentation and classification of images
in maritime environment

  • Segmentation of objects and background
  • Classification of objects
  • Contour extraction of objects

Dr.Ing. Purbaditya Bhattacharya
Dr.Ing. Patrick Nowak


  • Automated contour lines
  • Feature extraction and registration
  • Volumetric models from image data

Completed doctoral studies:
Ruwwe, Keck, Rusch, Holm, Camino, Wulf, Bhattacharya



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