Meeting of the DGM Technical Committee Materials in Energy Technology


24. February 2020

On 18. 11.2019 the expert committee Materials of Energy Technology of the German Society for Materials Science met at the HSU. The workshop was organized by the Institute for Materials Engineering. In the lectures and discussions, concepts for sustainable energy technology and the necessary material developments were discussed. In the short to medium term, the ideas are also to be implemented in interdisciplinary research activities.

Commissioning Impact Spray System 5/11


28. November 2018

In the first half of November 2017, a new Impact Spray System 5/11 cold gas plant was successfully installed at the Institute of Materials Technology. With top parameters of an 1100 ° C process gas temperature and 50 bar process gas pressure, the institute now has one of the most powerful commercially available cold gas plants in the world. The new plant will be operated in parallel with the current, self-developed prototype plant HSU 8000-X, and will facilitate adaptation of the spray process in the Industry.