The Language Centre offers targeted tuition for newly enrolled students who begin their studies without a full SLP English. These students must acquire the missing skills and thus the outstanding 8 ECTS points within the first year of study if possible. Participation in the TARGET COURSES or FAST TRACKS set up for this purpose is compulsory.

Elective module foreign language training(4 ECTS points )
The main task of the Language Centre is offering foreign language trainingfor the acquisition of 4 ECTS points in the bachelor’s study phase. These points must be acquired in the modules English, French, Spanish or Russian. Exceptions: 1) Industrial Engineering degree programme; 2) Students who have acquired the 8 credit points for English SLP 3332 within the framework of the ZIELKURSE at the HSU (compensation possibility through an ISA module).

Refreshing of the English SLP certificate to at least 3332 in the course of studies ( B.A. or M.A.), by the end of the winter trimester of the 4th year of study at the latest.

Master’s study phase: Within the framework of the master’s study phase, credit points can be acquired for language modules in the history degree programme.


Letzte Änderung: 30. January 2024