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Who can participate in a module course?

Students of all faculties who have prior knowledge as specified in the module descriptions can participate in a module course. Please seek advice at the Language Center to find a course that is suitable for you.

How do I register for a module?

Registration for all our language courses takes place via the Campus Management System in the autumn term. Follow the instructions on how to register on the orientation day. You can contact Dr Maribel Novo for assistance.

How can I obtain the required four credit points?

1) Regular active participation in a module course over three terms or an intensive course in the lecture-free period;

2) Passing the module exams (these usually take place at the end of the spring term).

Is it possible to take a module as an intensive course in summer?

Yes, we offer some modules in English, French, Spanish and Russian during the lecture-free period (3 weeks of 5 lessons per day).

What should I know about the study and examination regulations?

LSt 3 (SLP 3332) ENGLISH is a prerequisite for all students to obtain the Bachelor’s degree. This SLP 3332 must be completed by the end of the second year of study at the latest.  Exception: Political Science degree programme: SLP 3332 must already be completed by the end of the 1st year of study.

A language module with 4 credit points is required in all degree programmes.

Exception 1: Industrial engineering degree programme.

Exception 2: Students on all programmes who have taken the Zielkurse (i.e. have come to HSU without a full SLP 3332 in English) instead of taking a language module, have the option of replacing it with another academic achievement from the ISA section.

ISA instead of a language module?

Students of all degree programmes who have participated in the Zielkurse can substitute the language module with another academic achievement (ISA module). To do so, submit the following information to the Examinations Office: a) written confirmation that you did not have a full SLP when you started your studies – you can get this in the office – , b) written indication of the desired ISA module.


Letzte Änderung: 19. January 2023