Apr 13 2023

30.03.2023 — Berliner Festspiele appoint new Director of the Gropius Bau

Alongside experts from arts and culture, Teresa Koloma Beck was part of the advising committee in the process of appointing a new director for Gropius Bau, an internationally leading exhibition spaces in Berlin. For further information, please visit: https://www.berlinerfestspiele.de/en/gropiusbau/haus/presse/pressemeldung_431957.html
Feb 02 2023

June 7–9, 2023: Panel at 6 Nordic STS Conference in Oslo in June 2023: Solving (social) problems?: Imaginaries of infrastructures and participation in the Good Democracy

Katharina Wuropulos is organising a panel at the 6 Nordic STS conference in Oslo, Norway, June 7, 2023 –June 9, 2023. Democracy is a spatial-material setting where problems are imagined to be taken care of and solved in participatory-sensitive ways. In this setting, building (good) public infrastructures, inclusivity, diversity, and…
Feb 01 2023

02.02.2023 — Decolonize! Critical inquiries into peace and conflict research, University of Leipzig

At Leipzig University, Teresa Koloma Beck is presenting a journal forum on postcolonial peace and conflict research which she edited with Susanne Buckley-Zistel (Marburg): Decolonize! Critical inquiries into peace and conflict research. For further information: https://www.sozphil.uni-leipzig.de/institut-fuer-politikwissenschaft/arbeitsbereiche/internationale-beziehungen-und-transnationale-politik/veranstaltungen
Nov 20 2022

24./25.11.2022 – Panel discussion Drone imaginations at the conference „Drones in Civilian Airspaces: Security, Regulation, and Imagination” / Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

At the conference „Drones in Civilian Airspaces: Security, Regulation, and Imagination” at Peace Research Institute Oslo, Katharina Wuropulos (HSU, Hamburg) will chair the panel „Drone imagination” and discussed the contributions of Dr. Anna Jackman (University of Reading, UK) and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Maurer (Center for Technology and Culture, University of…
Oct 26 2021

28.10.2021 – Humanitarian Action and Coloniality, Session 1: Afghanistan

Which colonial continuities play a role in humanitarian action today? And what does this colonial legacy mean for the self-understanding of humanitarians today in terms of questions of principle, specific geographical and historical contexts, and concrete practices? These are the questions that the discussion series “Humanitarian Action and Coloniality” aims…