28.10.2021 – Humanitarian Action and Coloniality, Session 1: Afghanistan


26. October 2021

Which colonial continuities play a role in humanitarian action today? And what does this colonial legacy mean for the self-understanding of humanitarians today in terms of questions of principle, specific geographical and historical contexts, and concrete practices? These are the questions that the discussion series “Humanitarian Action and Coloniality” aims to address. In each session, a representative from academia will discuss a specific topic with a humanitarian.

In the very first session, Prof. Dr. Teresa Koloma Beck, Helmut Schmidt University and Karsten Noko, Project Coordinator with MSF in Afghanistan and lawyer will focus on Afghanistan to discuss the colonial and imperial roots of humanitarianism and its contemporary continuities shaping the course of humanitarian action.

The event will be held online (via Zoom). For more information on the registration: Humanitarian Action and Coloniality – Session 1: Afghanistan – Centre for Humanitarian Action (chaberlin.org)