Prof. Dr. Teresa Koloma Beck

As a sociologist I research conflict, crises and societies in transformation, violence and globalisation. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of everyday life and the post/decolonial condition of the present. I studied at I.E.P. Paris, France, and at Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. In 2010, I received a PhD from Humboldt University with a dissertation on the normalisation of civil war. Before coming to Helmut Schmidt University in January 2021, I was professor for the sociology of globalisation at Bundeswehr University Munich and senior research fellow at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. Prior to that I worked as project lead, substitute professor and researcher in various international and interdisciplinary research and teaching contexts, among them the French-German research institute Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin. [Personal Homepage]

Teresa Koloma Beck
Katharina Wuropulos

Katharina Maria Wuropulos, M. A.

Katharina Maria Wuropulos researches the sociology of violence, global violent conflicts, the sociology of social problems and problematisations, as well as the innovative and failing attempts to solve such problematisations. For her PhD on everyday life and violence, which combines insights from sociology and science and technology studies, Katharina examined how people problematise violence, as well as the imaginaries and practices of solutions to violence. For the PhD, she conducted seven months of ethnographic research with youths in Malmö, Sweden. Before her research position at HSU, she was a researcher at Bundeswehr University München and Augsburg University. For the duration of the PhD, Katharina was a fellow at the Research School on Peace and Conflict at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. [Personal Homepage]

Tobias Hauffe, Dipl.-Soz.

Tobias Hauffe is a research associate at the Chair of Sociology with a focus on social analysis and social change. His research focuses on the sociology of power and domination as well as the sociology of violence. His teaching to date ranges from reading seminars (including Durkheim, Archibald, Marcuse, Popitz, Foucault) to introductory seminars (Power, Alienation, Deviant Behavior) to thematically focused seminars (including Total Institutions, Street Violence). [Personal Homepage]

Tobias Hauffe

Dr. Leslie Gauditz

Leslie Gauditz holds a PhD in Sociology and is a research associate in the project “Emergent Norms in Corona Protests” funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project is based at the Chair of Sociology with a focus on Social Analysis and Social Change at Helmut-Schmidt University and is conducted in cooperation with the Macro Violence Research Group at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.
Leslie Gauditz’s focus is on social movement research, social conflict, and qualitative methods. She completed her doctorate at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences on solidarity in activist projects in the field of flight. [Personal Page]


Former team members of the professorship

Alexia Hack, MSc

Alexia Anna Hack has been a research associate at the chair for sociology of the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg since November 2021 and is participating at the sociological part of the project „Zusammenhalt durch Sicherheit? Diskurse, Interaktionen und Praktiken des europäischen Zusammenhaltes im Feld Sicherheit (ZUSE)“. [Personal Homepage]



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