Tobias Hauffe

Tobias Hauffe is a research associate at the Chair of Sociology with a focus on social analysis and social change. His research focuses on the sociology of power and domination as well as the sociology of violence. His teaching to date ranges from reading seminars (including Durkheim, Archibald, Marcuse, Popitz, Foucault) to introductory seminars (Power, Alienation, Deviant Behavior) to thematically focused seminars (including Total Institutions, Street Violence). In his dissertation, completed in 2022, starting from the analysis of cases legally classified as attempted manslaughter, he investigates the moment when relatively everyday conflict situations tip over into violent events and serious violence occurs in the form of kicking and stomping on the head of a person lying on the ground. He studied at the Universities of Bayreuth and Bielefeld, worked as a lecturer and was a research assistant at the Chair of Political Sociology at the University of Bayreuth. He was a fellow at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research and has been an external member of the Macro Violence Research Group there since 2021.


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