02.11.2022 – Real Talk: Showing What Cannot / Should Not Be Shown, Panel Discussion at Bard College Berlin


3. November 2022

Syria under Assad, Afghanistan under the Taliban, Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine and many others parts of the world are settings of atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity that can never be atoned for.

They represent a raw challenge to those who seek to advocate for the victims and their cause in the most impactful and widespread manner possible. How to visualize the sufferings? How to show the assaults? Is it even possible and permissible to do so?

Teresa Koloma Beck, together with displaced students and alumni/ae from Bard College Berlin, will discuss the complexities of showing such material and shaking the complacency of audiences that are co-responsible for the acts of torture, murder and rape committed by criminal regimes.

More Information: https://berlin.bard.edu/news/events/real-talk-showing-what-cannot-should-not-be-shown-a-panel-discussion