Global Forum on Democratizing Work


30. September 2021

From manifesto to the first Global Forum on
Democratizing Work

The first-ever Global Forum on Democratizing Work, on 5–7 October
2021, will allow us to build the future of the #DemocratizingWork
movement together, across geographical and disciplinary boundaries.
The Global Forum will gather participants from universities, trade unions,
progressive businesses, public institutions, environmental and human
rights NGOs, the media. Beyond these communities, activists or
concerned citizens who are interested in the message encapsulated
in the manifesto is welcome. With such a transdisciplinary exchange of
perspectives,wehopetofuel aproductiveandinclusivelearningprocess
about the Manifesto’s principles. Participants will have the opportunity
not only to attend sessions with prominent figures whose work focuses
on the three core principles (DEMOCRATIZE, DECOMMODIFY,
DECARBONIZE), but also to discuss ideas and initiatives in smaller
groups, based on common but diverse interests, paving the way towards

Further information one can find in the program.

Agitation: From op-ed to manifesto
On 16 May 2020, the op-ed turned movement, WORK: DEMOCRATIZE,
DECOMMODIFY, DECARBONIZE, was published in more than 43
newspapers, in 27 languages, in 36 countries around the world. It has
since gathered thousands of signatories – including academics, activists,
and people everywhere who believe that “working humans are so much
more than resources.”
16 May 2021 marks the first anniversary of the op-ed’s initial publication.
Overthe course ofthe past year,the network behind the op-ed has taken
shape. The op-ed and the three core principles were developed into a
book, Le Manifeste Travail, which was published by Éditions du Seuil in
October 2020. In March 2021, a Portuguese version, O Manifesto do
Trabalho, was published open access by Lumen Juris. Several other
versions of the book are in the process of being completed, including an
English version that will be published by the University of Chicago Press
in 2022. The Democratizing Work manifesto has received significant
positive media attention from outlets around the world, and the group
of female scholars at its heart have participated in many events, written
related articles, and been involved in interviews and podcast recordings,
many of which are available here.
A year after the release of the op-ed, the three core principles have
only become more relevant, and the stakes for workers, and indeed the
planet, may be higher than ever