Sociology with Focus on Microsociology

At the Professorship of Sociology with Focus on Microsociology, we investigate contemporary phenomena and current social problems from the perspectives of theories of practice and the sociology of knowledge. Social situations, cultural and institutional practices and orders of interaction as well as forms of subjectivation and identity are empirically and theoretically elaborated with the help of qualitative social research methods such as interaction and situational analysis, discourse analysis and ethnographic approaches.

We work with a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, encompassing praxeological as well as interpretative, cultural-analytical and ecological analyses. We do so with a broad understanding of action that includes implicit bodily knowledge as well as reflexive know-how and material participants.

Research topics include:

  • Sociologies of the body gender, and biopolitical dynamics
  • Social Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • Cultures of privacy and intimacy: care, family and kinship
  • Praxeology of childhood, youth and generational relations
  • New forms of identity and subjectivity
  • Qualitative social research, hermeneutic sociology of knowledge and norms analysis

These perspectives are also reflected in our teaching that focuses on topics and approaches from praxeological sociology, interaction theories, gender studies and reconstructive social research:
How are sociocultural orders practically produced, stabilized and changed?
How do collective horizons of meaning become self-evident?
How does society come into the subject?


Katharina Liebsch, Prof. Dr. phil. habil.

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