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Approximation runOur research is dedicated to the development of quantitative planning and decision making concepts with applications in production and logistics.

In this context, multi-objective approaches are frequently employed, as real-world problems often comprise several conflicting criteria.
Besides the proposition of planning approaches as such, we are also interested in the (prototypical) implementation of the formulated ideas, leading to decision support systems (DSS), e.g. with applications in (i) inventory routing / vehicle routing, (ii) production planning and control, and (iii) timetabling and rostering.

Or, to put it in a list:
  • Quantitative problems with applications in operations & supply chain management/ production/ logistics.
  • Decision analysis and decision making, in particular situations under multiple objectives and/ or involving uncertainty/ vagueness/ fuzziness.
  • Decision support systems.
  • Heuristics/ metaheuristics.
...according to the AMS: 90B06, 90B35, 90B50, 90C27, 90C29, 90C70 (among other subcategories of 90Bxx Externer Link: 90Bxx (http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/msc/pdfs/classification2000.pdf), 90Cxx Externer Link: 90Cxx (http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/msc/pdfs/classification2000.pdf) and 91Bxx Externer Link: 91Bxx (http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/msc/pdfs/classification2000.pdf)).

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