Optimization Challenges

Updated from 2017–2022, no longer maintained.

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This page is a collection of previous optimization challenges/ competitions in Operations Research. Quite frequently, different communities are involved in those events (people from Operations Research, (Meta-) Heuristics, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Constraint Programming, …). 

Active Challenges

Note: any information below provides are a rough orientation only. Please consult the official webpage for official announcements.

Permanent links

  • Fédération Française des jeux Mathématiques FFJM: http://www.ffjm.org/
  • Kaggle: http://www.kaggle.com
  • Topcoder: http://www.topcoder.com
  • OPTIL.io: https://www.optil.io/optilion/home
    The platform is an automated judgement system that enables the comparison of algorithms for different problems (such as, e.g., the Travel Salesman Problem, the Job Shop Scheduling Problem, among others). We recommend this article for more information on the topic: http://doi.org/10.1145/3143560
  • recomputation.org: http://www.recomputation.org/
    The underlying idea recomputation.org is „If we can compute your experiment now, anyone can recompute it 20 years from now“. Store experiments and conserve your work for the future.
    Remark: recomputation.org appears to be offline from time to time. Not sure what is happening.

Past events


While the above mentioned challenges are more related to optimization, there are other places of interest, too: SAT, Max-SAT, planning, etc.
Of course, there is an overlap with optimization as it is understood in the competitions above, but we chose to present them in another category. Apologies for not listing everything. We know that there are also many competitions in robotics (planning).


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