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Topics and applications

Our research is dedicated to the advancement of quantitative planning and decision making/ decision aiding concepts with applications in production and logistics. In this context, multi-objective approaches are frequently employed, as real-world problems often comprise several conflicting criteria.

Besides the proposition of planning approaches as such, we are also interested in the (prototypical) implementation of the formulated ideas, leading to (actual running) decision support systems (DSS), e.g. with applications in (i) inventory routing/ vehicle routing, (ii) production planning and control, and (iii) timetabling and rostering.

Methods and research questions

From a methodological point of view, and due to the complexity of the considered problems, (meta-)heuristics are often researched, developed, and applied. Some sub-problem-formulations are also tackled with exact approaches, and we work hard on identifying efficient data-structures that enable us to implement our solution ideas in an effective manner.

In a more theoretical context, we strive to answer questions that allow us to characterize properties of hard combinatorial optimization problems and their interrelation with heuristic search algorithms. To the best of our knowledge, this is still a rather unknown area.

Over the years, and in order to put our knowledge to the test, we did participate in some implementation competitions, with some success.

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