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Prof. Dr. Martin Josef Geiger

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" - JFK 
"Respect to the man in the ice cream van!" - Scooter

Geiger 2011
postal address: Helmut Schmidt University, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Department of Logistics Management
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg
room: 2204
fax: +49 40 6541-2042
office hours: Upon request

My most-preferred communication channel is email, not {phone, fax, mail}. If you urgently want/need to reach me, send me one (even if calling me on the phone sounds like a good idea to you, it's not). Seriously.

Alternatively, you may approach me directly in the gym, i.e. the one below the Mensa, where I combine my passion for heavy problem solving with heavy*) lifting. Or, as the saying goes, "education is important, training hard is importanter." ;-)

*)Apologies, not so much heavy lifting going on at the moment due to health constraints.


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