The ELA study investigates reasons for long-term use of antidepressants from the patients’ perspective. Specifiallcy, we are interested in gaining insights into the expectations regarding discontinuation of antiedepressants and the potential influencing factors. Results of this study aim to serve as a first step towards the development of an intervention program that supports patients in the process of discontinuing their antidepressant.


We would like to investigate with the “Good to know!” study, what information patients need before starting ambulant psychotherapy to optimally prepare them for the therapy. In order to achieve the best possible treatment results, ambulant psychotherapy is often recommended at the end of stationary treatment. Therefore, we have prepared two different ways to inform about ambulant psychotherapy. We would like to investigate which of the two types of education leads to more helpful assessments of an upcoming psychotherapy.


The results of the PSY-BREAST study show that a short, tailored expectation management intervention effectively improves the expectations of breast cancer patients  receiving antihormone therapy. Thus, the PSY-BREAST study shows ways to reduce the burden of side effects of antihormone therapy. Our first results are available free of charge in the Open Access journal Clinical Psychology in Europe 2020, Vol.2(1), Article e2695


Great success in the application for funds from the state research funding Hamburg: Helmut Schmidt University is involved with Univ. Prof. Dr. Yvonne Nestoriuc in the project “Change Mechanisms in Dynamic Social Interactions“. In this interdisciplinary research network, we explore how human interaction and communication as well as personality development influence each other. To this end, we integrate innovative experimental and analytical techniques from psychology and computer science.

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The improvement of mental health is a key health challenge of the 21st century. Mental health problems often first appear in childhood and adolescence and often persist into adulthood. Thus, important risk factors and resources that are important for maintaining mental health should be identified in children and adolescents. This dissertation deals with the question of how children and adolescents can remain mentally healthy in challenging phases.


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Yiqi Pan was awarded the Young Scientists Award by the Center for Health Care Research (CHCR) 2019 at the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. For more info, see here.

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The “Inventory for the balanced assessment of Negative Effects of Psychotherapy” (INEP; Ladwig et al., 2014) assesses negative effects of psychotherapy from a patient’s point of view. You can find the complete information and documents for download here.



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