Professorship for Clinical Psychology


Welcome to the website of the professorship forpicture Prof. Dr. Nestoriuc

clinical psychology!


Clinical psychology is a sub-discipline of psychology and deals with

mental disorders & psychological aspects of somatic disorders and


In the working group Clinical Psychology, Prof. Dr. Yvonne Nestoriuc and her team on

expectations as factors for placebo and nocebo effects. Our central concerns are the promotion

of positive effects and prevention of side effects in psychotherapies as well as in medical treatments

by using the expectation mechanisms. The methods used include psychotherapeutic expectation

management, psychoeducation for the optimized education of patients and for contextualized informed

decision making.

In current projects we are dealing with the prevention of side effects in cancer and

other physical disorders, with the role of expectations in the withdrawal of psychotropic drugs

(antidepressants), with the influence of expectations on chronic somatic symptoms and

stress disorders and with the measurement, education and prevention of risks and

side effects of psychotherapy.


Project “Mechanisms of Change in Dynamic Social Interactions

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