“(Non-)Recognition of Armed Non-State Actors: Risks and Opportunities for Conflict Transformation” (Projekt Geis/Clément/Pfeifer)


6. November 2018

Projektstart in März 2017. Förderung einer internationalen Konferenz durch die Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung. Diese fand im Juni 2018 an der HSU statt.


The complex role of (non-)recognition when dealing with armed non-state actors (ANSAs) merits far greater attention than it has received so far from researchers in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. Recognition is one of the most prominent concepts in Political Theory (PT), Social Philosophy and International Law, and has only more recently gained some attention in International Relations (IR). IR and PT scholars have argued that recognition can have beneficial consequences on conflict dynamics in inter-state conflicts and in domestic conflicts in liberal societies, in which minority groups struggle for the recognition of their rights and identities.

However, only very few researchers have dealt with the issue of the (non-)recognition of ANSAs so far and sought to analyze which impact – positive or negative – practices of recognition have on conflict dynamics in the short and long term. Our project brings together experts on various ANSAs and on recognition theory in order to address this research gap in the scholarship. Studying ANSAs from a recognition perspective in a systematic way is an innovative approach and contribute to advance Peace and Conflict Studies. We are currently preparing an edited volume based on this collaborative work.