MaST: Macro/Micro-Simulation of Phase Decomposition in the Transcritical Regime


Understanding the behavior of multi-component flows is challenging, this especially holds for transcritical mixtures, that is mixtures that exhibit very high pressure but relatively low temperature. Multiscale considerations are required to analyze the evolving flow processes, for example droplet and bubble formation. The respective quantities and set ups range from molecular properties to large-scale continuum flow field simulation and analysis.

In our project “MaST: Macro/Micro-simulation of Phase Decomposition in the Transcritical Regime”, a multi-disciplinary consortium is formed to develop scale-bridging simulation technology, including molecular dynamics simulation (MD), classical density functional theory (DFT), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and hybrid molecular-continuum
approaches, as well as experiments to gain deeper insights into transcritical systems.

Find out more about our project in our overview article.


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Publications & Results

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MaST is funded by – Digitalization and Technology Research Center of the Bundeswehr.


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