Helene gave an online talk on „Transient Two-way Molecular-Continuum Coupling with OpenFOAM and MaMiCo“ as part of the GAMM Activity Group Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) workshop.


Philipp just gave an online talk on „Molecular-Continuum Flow Simulation in the Exascale and Big Data Era“ at the MMCP workshop, held in conjunction with the HPC in Asia conference.


A paper with our colleagues from TUM on massively parallel load balancing and auto-tuning for molecular dynamics simulations has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Computational Science.


Philipp gives an invited (online) talk at the university of Stuttgart on „Auto-Tuning and Load Balancing in Short-Range Molecular Dynamics“. The work covered in the talk mostly arose from a collaboration with the chair of scientific computing in computer science, Technical University of Munich, in the scope of the BMBF project „Task-Based Load Balancing and Auto-Tuning in Particle Simulations“ (TaLPas).


Philipp accepted an invitation to the steering committee of the International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC). The ISPDC brings together researchers who advance the state of the art in the field of Parallel and Distributed Computing paradigms and applications.


Dr. Nikola Tchipev, who has been supervised by Philipp and Prof. Bungartz/TUM, has received a prestigious John Atanassov award (runner-up) from the Bulgarian president for his PhD thesis, honoring his achievements in terms of the establishment of a 20 trillion atom world-record molecular dynamics simulation. Feel free to check out a video of the ceremony (Bulgarian language only). Congratulations and greets from Hamburg, Nikola!


ISC HPC 2020 takes place in digital format this year. Philipp chairs the project poster track together with co-chair Erwan Raffin (Atos/Bull) and presents the project TaLPas.

ISC HPC Digital 2020


Our proposal „Resilience and Dynamic Noise Reduction at Exascale for Multiscale Simulation Coupling“ has been selected as IFF project and will investigate approaches to control errors at various levels in molecular-continuum flow simulations.


Piet helps out at the OpenLab; HPC=High Production against Corona!

Piet in the OpenLab


Our paper on „Open Boundary Modeling in Molecular Dynamics with Machine Learning“ has been accepted for presentation at ICCS 2020. Due to Corona, the session will be organized online.


Piet Jarmatz gives a talk „MaMiCo: Scalable Coupling of Particle Ensembles to Transient Continuum Flow Simulations“ at SIAM PP 2020 in Seattle, Washington.


We are hiring and look for a HPC system administrator/support staff. Please check out the description here. Application deadline is 01.03.2020.


Benjamin Uekermann from TU Eindhoven will give an invited presentation at HSU, Aula/Room2, on 25 Feb, 14:00. The topic of the talk will be „Coupling Simulations with preCICE“.


Philipp gives an invited talk at TU Hamburg, click here for an overview of TUHH talks.


Philipp has just joined the program committee of the multiscale modelling and simulation workshop at ICCS 2020.


Philipp receives the habilitation award from Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universität München for his habilitation thesis entitled „Algorithms and HPC Software for Molecular-Continuum Flow Simulation“.

Habilitationspreis 2019
Philipp Neumann with Andreas Wendt at the Annual General Meeting of Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universität München during the award ceremony


We are hiring, please check out the job description here. Application deadline: 18 Dec 2019.


Here we go, SPPEXA Thesis Award!

Piet Jarmatz with Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz during the SPPEXA Award Ceremony
Piet Jarmatz with Hans-Joachim Bungartz during the SPPEXA Award Ceremony


Piet Jarmatz receives the SPPEXA Thesis Award for his Master’s Thesis entitled „Parallel Noise Reduction for Transient Molecular-Continuum Coupled Flow Simulations“. Congratulations!


A paper on DYAMOND, an intercomparison project for storm-resolving weather/climate models, has been published today; Philipp had contributed to this project in terms of carrying out some of the high-resolution experiments and managing access to the „big model data“, which has just exceeded 1.2 PB!


Our joint proposal „Advanced Simulation Methodology for Optimizing Aerodynamic Lenses used for Single-Particle Diffractive Imaging“ with Prof. Breuer/HSU, Prof. Küpper/CFEL,DESY,UHH, Dr. Amin/CFEL,DESY has been selected for funding in the scope of the Data Science in Hamburg Helmholtz Graduate School for the Structure of Matter. Check out its description and apply for the corresponding PhD position here.


Double feature upcoming: Philipp will give two talks at the SPPEXA Final Symposium, 21-23 Oct, in Dresden in the sessions AIMES and ExaFSA.


We are hiring! Open positions (TVöD E-13) are available. Application deadline: 20.09.2019.


Philipp has accepted to join the Minisymposia and Poster Program Committee, track Climate and Weather, at PASC 2020.


Our paper entitled „Sparse Grid Regression for Performance Prediction Using High-Dimensional Run Time Data“ was accepted for presentation at Euro-Par 2019: Parallel Processing Workshops.


Our paper entitled „MaMiCo: Parallel Noise Reduction for Multi-Instance Molecular-Continuum Flow Simulation“ was accepted for presentation at ICCS 2019.


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