Lattice Boltzmann Racecar Airflow Simulation on HSUper

This is a 3D CAD model of a racecar made by the EOS Racing Team for the international Formula Student competition. It was put into a Lattice Boltzmann flow simulation using the simulation software lbmpy on our supercomputer HSUper. The HPC system can compute the airflow around the car and the turbulence behind it. These visualizations of the wind velocity help the aerodynamics team to find weak spots in the design.

An Overview of our HPC cluster HSUper and the container-based HPC center (CBRZ)

Molecular Dynamics System in Karman Vortex Street

A particle system with more than 175 thousand molecules is coupled with MaMiCo to a GPU-based Lattice Boltzmann simulation of a Karman vortex street. This simulation was executed in December 2022 on HSUper and visualized with Megamol (many thanks to Guido Reina!).


Advertisement: Upcoming Talk @ICCS 2021 on Non-Local Means Filtering for Molecular-Continuum Systems

Watch a short clip arranged by Piet on his upcoming talk at ICCS 2021!


Open Boundary Modeling in Molecular Dynamics with Machine Learning

A talk given by Philipp in digital form at ICCS 2020, explaining our work on using machine learning to model open boundary forces in molecular-continuum systems.


MaMiCo: Parallel Noise Reduction for Multi-Instance Molecular-Continuum Flow Simulation

A talk given by Piet at ICCS 2019, explaining the research on filtering and noise reduction for molecular-continuum systems.


Of Foxes, Attackers, … and the Lattice Boltzmann Method

A short introductory video explaining the essentials of the Lattice Boltzmann method. You can also find and share this video on YouTube.


Adaptive Molecular-Continuum Channel Flow

A 4-level spatially adaptive Lattice Boltzmann solver (LB component of the Peano framework) is coupled to a very small molecular dynamics region in the very middle. The coupling is established using the macro-micro-coupling tool (MaMiCo) which is developed at the chair.


Karman Vortex Street

Karman vortex street, simulated with a spatially adaptive Lattice Boltzmann simulation.


Particle in Nanopore

Particle moving in a nanopore. Both visualized simulations make use of a Lattice Boltzmann simulation with adaptive mesh refinement. Upper simulation: BGK collision model on all grid levels. Lower simulation: Fluctuating Lattice Boltzmann model on all grid levels.



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