Adaptive Molecular-Continuum Channel Flow

A 4-level spatially adaptive Lattice Boltzmann solver (LB component of the Peano framework) is coupled to a very small molecular dynamics region in the very middle. The coupling is established using the macro-micro-coupling tool (MaMiCo) which is developed at the chair.


Karman Vortex Street

Karman vortex street, simulated with a spatially adaptive Lattice Boltzmann simulation.


Particle in Nanopore

Particle moving in a nanopore. Both visualized simulations make use of a Lattice Boltzmann simulation with adaptive mesh refinement. Upper simulation: BGK collision model on all grid levels. Lower simulation: Fluctuating Lattice Boltzmann model on all grid levels.


Of Foxes, Attackers, … and the Lattice Boltzmann Method

A short introductory video explaining the essentials of the Lattice Boltzmann method. You can also find and share this video on YouTube.


Open Boundary Modeling in Molecular Dynamics with Machine Learning

A talk given by Philipp in digital form at ICCS 2020, explaining our work on using machine learning to model open boundary forces in molecular-continuum systems.


MaMiCo: Parallel Noise Reduction for Multi-Instance Molecular-Continuum Flow Simulation

A talk given by Piet at ICCS 2019, explaining the research on filtering and noise reduction for molecular-continuum systems.


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