High Performance Computing – Welcome to the Epsi-Lab!

Super-EpsiThe computer has become the ultimate tool for investigating the world. Across all fields, codes are being developed, new systems simulated and vast quantities of data are being produced and analyzed. The raw computing power available today is stunning. All across the globe, supercomputers are being installed, sometimes requiring a dedicated power plant.

This is where high performance computing (HPC) comes into play and addresses the development of efficient algorithms and implementations, leveraging cutting-edge hardware.
This is an interdisciplinary endeavor: numerical methods need to be transformed into efficient algorithms, they need to be implemented efficiently to optimally leverage performance of the hardware and, by doing so, support engineers and scientists at solving a typically large-scale computational problem.

The main research directions of the chair for high performance computing comprise:

  • Efficient algorithms and implementations for diverse problems with special focus on fluid dynamics and molecular dynamics
  • The development of the macro-micro-coupling tool (MaMiCo) for multiscale, that is coupled molecular-continuum, flow simulation
  • The development and deployment of methods from data analytics in various problem settings

Also, feel free to check out directions for student projects and job openings.