Transfer of Knowledge and Technology

Innovative and entrepreneurial minds among students and researchers at the HSU can draw on a wide range of resources – access to coaching, mentoring, companies, investors, co-founders, and events – to develop their start-up ideas or exploit their research results. The mission of HSU Transfer is to ensure that knowledge and technologies from research benefit society through start-ups, patents, collaborations or other forms of transfer. In doing so, innovators have access to various professional contact points; from the HSU Innovation Hub, to the, to those involved in the Innovation Network at HSU.

HSU Innovation Hub

The HSU Innovation Hub, which is currently being established, is a central location and contact point for students and researchers at the HSU and for interested external parties – primarily companies, research institutions and government institutions. The hub will initiate innovators in entrepreneurship, identify potentials, develop ideas and start-up projects further and accompany their commercial exploitation. In addition, the HSU Innovation Hub sees itself as a link between innovators at the HSU and institutions from business and society. The Hub provides support in the areas of knowledge and technology transfer, start-up management (entrepreneurship) and cooperation management.

> Transfer of knowledge and technology

> Start-up management

> Cooperation management – the Center for Digitization and Technology Research of the German Armed Forces – is a joint center of the two universities of the German Armed Forces. At HSU, research is being conducted on the latest findings and technologies in 45 well-funded projects. The HSU Innovation Hub is available to the researchers of these projects with its own expertise and its Innovation Network. These offers are complemented by the knowledge and technology transfer of In addition, the projects benefit from the various services that will be provided by the incubator, which is currently being established.

Innovation Network

Innovative and entrepreneurial minds at the HSU have access to numerous services available through a vital ecosystem. This Innovation Network is part of the HSU Innovation Hub and accessible through it. The following partners are currently part of the Innovation Network: Open Lab, Fab City and New Production Institute support prototyping and production; Hamburg Innovation advises on intellectual property issues; beyourpilot coaches HSU initiatives during startup; the Startup Port provides access to entrepreneurship training and to a broad network of companies and universities; and, finally, ARIC – Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg – is a partner for ideas and spinoffs in the field of artificial intelligence. The network is constantly being expanded to include further access to necessary resources.


Dr. Moritz Schellenberger

Knowledge and technology transfer,
head of HSU Innovation Hub

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> Startup Coaching
> Cooperations
> HSU Innovation Hub

Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 040-6541-2923
Linkedin: Moritz Schellenberger

Sissy-Ve Basmer-Birkenfeld

Knowledge and technology transfer,
consultant Startup Port

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> Startup Coaching
> Startup Port
> Fab City

Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 040-6541-3526
Linkedin: Sissy-Ve Basmer-Birkenfeld


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