Bendable Linear Actuator

As part of the research project „Bendable Linear Actuator“ an innovative drive for Soft Robotics applications is developed. The actuator is build up as a tubular permanent-magnet linear motor. The main goal of the project is to generate a preferably light-weighted and bendable system in order to make completely new design options possible for support system operating close to the human body such as soft exoskeletons.

Central aspects:

  • Method development
  • Analytical and numerical multi-physical analysis of direct electrical drives
  • Construction and Installation of a test bench for the metrological analysis of actuator prototypes

Abb.: Vereinfachte Schnittdarstellung des Linearaktuators mit Innensehe (Violett),  Ringmagneten (Grau), Gleitschicht (Weiß) und Spulen (Orange)
Figure: Simplified Sectional View of the Linear Actuator showing carrier wire (violet), ring magnets (gray),
sliding layer (white) and coils (orange)


Application Example
Application Example


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