Welcome to the Chair of Electrical Machines and Drive Systems

The Chair of Electrical Machines and Drive Systems conducts research on current issues and innovative solutions, particularly in the fields of electrical energy supply, electro mobility and special drive technology.

Electrical machines have a multitude of applications as drive systems in automated systems, household appliances, vehicles and information processing. The need for research arises from a need to reduce the energy consumption resulting in the requirement of higher efficiency on the one hand and smaller available space on the other. At the same time production costs and reliability have the same importance. In order to achieve these design goals numerical simulations and innovative new materials are applied during the design and construction of the machines. Higher
efficiency during operation can be attained by the utilization of high efficient drive concepts. As a result even the dynamic properties can be improved where parasitic effects as mechanical oscillations and power loss can be

Special emphasis is placed on drive technology, electro-mechanical energy conversion, electrodynamics, field theory and
numerical simulations. Research and development teams can be buildup of different people each with a specific emphasis on one of the aforementioned subjects.

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Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Christian Kreischer

Helmut Schmidt University
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