ISO 10303-44 Product Structures

The ISO 10303 is an international standard that defines the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (STEP). The objective of this standard is to provide a neutral mechanism capable of describing product data throughout the life-cycle of a product [ISO10303-44-2000]. The part 44 of this standard defines product structure configuration (see also Fig. 1). The concept of this standard describes products as acyclic digraphs, while the nodes of the graph are denoted to manufacturing processes (“make from”) and assembly processes (“assembly component usage”). This generic structure allows the modelling of any kind of discrete manufacturable product. Please advise [ISO10303-44-2000] for further information.


Fig. 1: Product structure according to ISO 10303-4


The ODP for the ISO 10303-44 as an .owl file will soon be available as an .owl in version 1. The preliminary version of it can be found here. For more information please refer to standard [DIN EN 62264-2 – 2000].

Exemplary Competency Questions that could be answered with this ODP:



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