Ontology Engineering for Collaborative Embedded Systems

Collaborative Embedded Systems (CES) usually have to cope with open contexts, i.e. the context that these systems interact with through sensors and actuators or communication networks changes its morphology during runtime. For instance, CES can be deployed in the manufacturing domain to form a modular production system, which, at some time during its lifecycle, might have to produce new products or to interact with new modules, which have been designed by different stakeholders. In order to be able to cope with open contexts, CESs rely on ontologies that represent the information being shared among them. However, due to the complexity of a CES´s context, building these ontologies as a basis for information exchange during runtime is a non-trivial task that requires a structured approach.

The following directories contain industry standard based Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) that can be reused individually or combined in their domains for specific projects.

Ontology Design Patterns for the Manufacturing Domain

For further details, please refer to CrESt: Modellbasierte Entwicklung kollaborativer eingebetteter Systeme


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