Central Workshop Electronic (CW-E)


Activities of the ZW-E

The fields of activity of the ZW-E result from the requirement, research
enable on newest areas and the scientific staff
to support the HSU professorships. An additional goal is the
Knowledge transfer to the employees for


The advice of the scientific staff in the planning of
electrical / electronic applications or systems is the most important task of the ZW-E.
The benefit is all the greater the earlier the ZW-E is integrated into the planning process.
In dialogue with the employee, the ZW-E can use its many years of experience and
market overview as well as his knowledge of the needs of HSU labs and
Involve institutes in the creation of concepts and the selection of components.
Early advice can avoid higher costs and more
functions are extracted. In particular, this allows
Bad investments and the associated time delays in the projects are avoided.

Design and construction of systems

This includes both new development of circuits and systems as well
Modernization of existing facilities, the scope of activity covering the whole
system with the exception of the mechanical construction.
We can thus manage the entire electronic and electrical part of the
take over the system for you or support you with subtasks.

Creation of concepts

Measuring technology
Selection of components
Schematic creation
Layout creation
Production of printed circuit boards
Assembly of printed circuit boards
Indoor or outdoor wiring of devices
Programming and commissioning of processor boards

The electronic development warehouse is open from Mon-Thu 10:30-11:30 / 12:00-15:00 and Fri 10:30-11:30 / 12:00-14:00 for material distribution.

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Employees :

Dipl.Ing. Stephan Moller
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2835 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2438
Line ZWE

Dipl.Ing. Frank Freyer
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2392 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2437
Electronics Development | industrial electronics | CAE / CAD

Manuel Nowak
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2836 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2439
Purchasing | warehousing | Material issue | Module production and cable production | Device Installation | ​Repairs

Jens Freudenthal
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2664 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2435
Infrastructure ZW-E | Qualitycheck Printed Circuit Board

Stephen Lenck
Phone: 069 – 900 160 333, plus the name “Stefan Lenck” (sign language interpreter service) | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2436
Printed Circuit Board Production | CNC drilling, milling | electroplating work

Florian Buhrz
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2986 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2434
IT Administrator | Repairs | Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing | circuit board assembly

Philip Neuber
Telephone: 040 / 6541 2930 | Email: [email protected] | Room: H1 / 2435
Module production and cable production | Device Installation | ​Schematic&Layout | Repairs


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