Dr. Daniel Ehls



Postal adress:

Helmut-Schmidt-Universität – Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg
Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg

Room: 2225
Phone: 040 / 6541-3735
E-Mail: [email protected]
Office hours: by appointment


Research Interests

Innovation Management and Problem Solving in the Digitized Economy

Distributed Processes such as Open- and User Innovation or External Search

New Organizational Forms such as Communities or Crowd-based Innovation Models,

Qualitative and Quantitative Empirical Studies, Preferred Experiments

Interdisciplinary Work with Managerial Impact

Exemplary two-minute animated video for digitization, openness, innovation and transformation of society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx4JITQaMas



02/19 – today Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, Helmut-Schmidt-University – University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg

03/17 – 12/18 Permanent Faculty Member for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Program Director MSc. ‘Leadership for Digital Transformation’, GISMA Business School, Hannover

02/11 – 12/18 Research Fellow, Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg

01/11 – 03/11 Coach for reintegration of disabled jobless persons, inab mbH des Berufsfortbildungswerkes, Hamburg

12/07 – 12/10 Management Consultant in Innovation Strategy and Product Development, Accenture GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

10/02 – 03/08 Student in Engineering and Technology Management, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart


Further Positions (Research, Teaching, Industry/ Start-up)

Affiliated Researcher, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, USA), Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) https://lish.harvard.edu/people/daniel-ehls (2015 – today)

Visiting Scholar, Tokyo Tech University (Tokyo, Japan), Domain Technology Management Strategy, Prof. Fujimura (2014)

Lecturer: Maastricht School of Management (Maastricht, The Netherlands), University of Maastricht, University of Applied Science (Hamburg), Hamburg University of Technology (Hamburg)

Advisory Board Member and Entrepreneurship Coach, Ideapeek, Hamburg, (2018 – today)


Grants and Awards

Best paper nomination Academy of Management 2020 (Ehls, D., Schorn, A., Herstatt, C. (2020): Experimental evidence on adoption bias and legitimacy strategies for pure user innovations. Academy of Management Best Paper Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, CA 2020)


Post-doctoral Merit Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service for Visiting Harvard University (2015-2016)

Grant of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, TUHH, for teaching Innovation (2016 and 2018)

Ministry of Science and Research, Hamburg, accepted proposal of the Initiative to enable Research Excellence (together with Prof. Herstatt (TUHH), Prof. Spaeth (Hamburg University, Chair of Digital Markets), Prof. Koller (Helmut Schmidt University, Chair for Technology and Innovation Management) (2015-2017)

Travel grant of the German Academic Exchange Service for visiting the Academy of Management conference in Philadelphia (USA) (2014)

Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Japan, for visiting TokyoTech University (2014)




Herstatt, C., Ehls, D. (Editors): Open Source Innovation – The Phenomenon, Participant’s Behavior, Business Implication. Routeledge, 2015, 318 pages.

Ehls, D. (2013): Joining Decisions in Open Collaborative Innovation Communities: A Discrete Choice Study, Springer Gabler. (Doctoral dissertation)


Contributions with scientifc peer review (only full paper, starting from 2015)

Ehls, D., Polier, S., Herstatt, C. (2020): Reviewing the field of external knowledge search for innovation: theoretical underpinnings and future (re-)search directions. Journal of Product Innovation Management (early view). https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jpim.12549 (auch Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, USA 2017, VHB Tie Tagung 2017, Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC) Proceedings 2018)

Ehls, D., Schorn, A., Herstatt, C. (2020): Experimental evidence on adoption bias and legitimacy strategies for pure user innovations. Academy of Management Best Paper Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, CA 2020 (also: Ehls, D., Schorn, A., Herstatt, C. (2020): Shining for investors but ugly in the general market: Experimental evidence on adoption bias and legitimacy strategies for user entrepreneurs. EGOS Conference 2020, Hamburg, Subtheme: Social Evaluations: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

Ehls, D., Stahlberg, N., Podleschny, N. (2020): Innovation Debates – Schreiben, diskutieren, lernen. Schreiblehrkonzepte an Hochschulen. LitKom 2020, Universität Bielefeld

Eppinger, E., Ehls, D. (2020): A framework for analyzing technology ecosystems – adopting insight from biology. Managing Innovation in a Global and Digital World

Ehls, D., Schorn, A., Herstatt, C. (2019): ADOPTION BIAS AND ITS MITIGATION PRACTICES FOR USER INNOVATED PRODUCTS: EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FROM THE HOUSEHOLD SECTOR. VHB TIE Tagung 2019, 17th International Open and User Innovation Conference, 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Polier, S., Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2018): The Field of External Search and the Search for External Knowledge: A Co-Citation Analysis. IPDMC Conference 2018 (also Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Atlanta, USA 2017) https://journals.aom.org/doi/abs/10.5465/ambpp.2017.15127abstract

Ehls, D. (2018), Open source project collapse – Sources and patterns of failure, VHB-Annual Meeting, TIE-Division, Hamburg

Ehls, D., Lakhani, K. (in development): The Impact of Problem Formulation on Solving Performance and Organizational Learning (prior different version presented at Annual Meeting VHB TIE Division 2017)

Eppinger, E., Ehls, D. (2017): Analyzing Technology Ecosystems – Adopting Insights from Biology. Annual Meeting VHB Sustainability Division (NAMA), Cologne

Ehls, D. (2017): Open Source Project Collapse – Sources and Patterns of Failure. Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (also Annual Meeting VHB TIE Division 2018) https://aisel.aisnet.org/hicss-50/os/open_source/3/

Ehls, D., Korreck, S., Jahn, R., Zeng, M., Heuschneider, S., Herstatt, C., Koller, H., Spaeth, S. (2016) Open Foresight: Exploiting Information from External Sources SSRN Paper ID 2764208 (prior versions IPDMC conference proceedings 2016)

Ehls, D. (2015): Appropriating knowledge from external individuals in dyadic firm collaborations: Insights into success conditions. World Open Innovation Conference Proceedings, Santa Clara, CA

Ehls, D. (2015): Trading-off the microfoundations of openness: Determinants of Participation Decisions in Open Innovation Initiatives. Proceedings of DRUID15. LUISS, Rome, Italy

Ehls, D. (2015): Specifying Foresight Capabilities as Driver for Organizational Change and New Product Development. IPDMC Conference Proceedings, Copenhagen, Denmark

Further Contribution (popular press, media, symposia, etc.)

Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2019): Synergien folgen nicht automatisch. Review: Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement in Wissenschaftsmanagement 1/2019

Ehls, D., Gordon, A., Herstatt, C., Rohrbeck, R., (2018 Guest Editors): Strategic foresight in organisational theory and innovation management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (Special Issue Call for Papers) http://www.ieee-tems.org/call-for-papers-strategic-foresight-in-organizational-theory-and-innovation-management/

Ehls, D., Baer, M., Lakhani, K., Nickerson, J., Rullani, F., von Krogh, G.: Problem Formulation: Identification of the ‘Right’ Problem for Improved Innovative Performance (accepted PDW symposium at Academy of Management 2018, Chicago, USA 2018)

Ehls, D. (2015): How does openness transform our workplace and even our life? Animated video available under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx4JITQaMas

Lehnen, J., Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2015): Kundenorientierte Produktentwicklung – Vom qualifizierten Anwenderwissen der Lead User profitieren. Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement 41 (4), 138-141 http://www.ideenmanagementdigital.de/Ideenmanagement.04.2015.138


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