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The Chair of Structural Analysis aims at contributing to an increase of the (remaining) service life engineering structures. In order to achieve this goal, the Chair focuses on the following research fields:

describing the material behaviour

At the so-called micro scale and the meso scale, this allows for enhancing material models especially under dynamic exposures. This is the basis for the next research field.

describing the structural behaviour

At the so-called macro scale, this allows for initiating rehabilitation measures as well as estimating, which structural elements need to be strengthened by additional measures.

predicting the (remaining) service life of engineering structures

This takes into account the evolution of damage. Thus, it is necessary to enhance damage models. Additionally, the (remaining) service life has to be adjusted taking into consideration the damage evolution as well as, if existent, any performed rehabilitation measures.

For contributing to these research fields methodical works such as scale transition, model order reduction or energy dissipation due to propagating crack fronts during fibre pull-out have to be performed. For these works the Chair of Structural Analysis takes into account analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches. Additionally, model-free approaches are dealt with.

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