Computing Services

User identification code (user ID) for the Computing Services Center:


NutzerkennungYour user ID and password are the key to our online services:

Case 1: If you already have a regular university card (i.e. chip card) – with a library barcode in the back and a photo in the front– please bring it to the Computing Services Center. Be aware that no user ID (user name + password) will be issued without proper identification.

Case 2: As a student you have already been provided with the user ID on Orientation Week.

Case 3: In exceptional cases (e.g. short-term affiliation to HSU HH), it is possible to obtain a user ID without a regular university ID. In these cases, however, university affiliation must be ensured/proven. The Computing Services Center requires a written confirmation (temporary residence permit) from the Vice Chancellor. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the user account will be created accordingly. A mere notification by a professor is not sufficient. Please bring along another photo ID (e.g, identity card).



E-Mail SymbolThe HSU e-mail system is a multi-level system operated in a highly available cluster. You will find configuration instructions for your e-mail program on our intranet page. Worldwide access to webmail is available via web interface.




Webseite SymbolFor creating and maintaining a website with intranet content, the Computing Center provides its own content management system. Additionally, we offer a new content management system which assists with the design of the Internet web pages. The pages adhere to the “Accessibility Regulation,” mandatory for federal agencies from January 2006 (BITV compliance). Guidance and information about both systems can be found on our intranet page.



Zentraler SpeicherThe FileBox is the central network drive that provides underlying support for HSU employees and HSU workgroups with increased protection against misuse and eventual data loss. This gives you online access to a large number of backup files over the past 6 weeks and allows you to immediately restore deleted or overwritten data. Furthermore, your data is being backed up on an hourly basis and thus effectively protected from major site threats.

The FileBox is primarily used on all popular platforms (Microsoft Windows, MacOS / iOS, Linux, Android) via a network drive (CIFS) attachment.



IT-SicherheitIn order to protect the systems of the campus network from harmful programs (viruses, worms, etc.), an anti-virus program is available for all systems that are located on campus and / or connected to the campus network.

The IT and military security regulations of the Bundeswehr require the HSU to carry out an IT security briefing / military security instruction with the user community yearly.



VPN SymbolVirtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows a computer to be virtually encrypted in the HSU campus network regardless of its physical network connection. Such an integrated computer can thus use all services that are reserved for internal computers. In order to establish a VPN connection to the data center, first download the current VPN client software via the intranet page of the Computing Center. There you will find the configuration steps when setting up an OpenVPN connection.


Intranet BW

Intranet BwWith our “Intranet BW via RDS” service you can access the Bundeswehr’s intranet, Lotus Notes, SASPF and other applications remotely via centrally managed workstations. You can use the service in the library, from the pools of the faculties, from most of the workplaces of the Social Sciences faculty, administration and military area. For IT security reasons use from the student network is excluded.


Licensed Software

SoftwarelizenzA catalogue with all software products that have been licensed for use by university affiliates can be found on the Computing Center Intranet.




NetzThe Computing Center offers IT services that support the HSU community by facilitating internal as well as external university communication. Our extensive network infrastructure is constantly optimized and adapted to the growing needs of our users.

Internet access is available in all academic and administrative buildings allowing for connection of all institutes´ computers or network-compatible workplaces, student accommodation included. As a supplement to the wired network, WLAN is available in some campus areas (especially library reading rooms, refectory, auditorium, seminar rooms). The campus network allows direct access to the “German science network” and the internet.



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