Course evaluation

Course evaluation is an essential component of quality development and a feedback tool that is highly valued by lecturers. It is not intended as an examination with the aim of uncovering shortcomings or monitoring lecturers, but as support for lecturers in determining their own position.

It is carried out on the basis of the regulations for conducting course evaluations (see download at the bottom of this page). At least three courses per year must be evaluated per professorship; more frequent evaluations are of course possible and explicitly desired. Students can also request a teaching evaluation themselves. Courses taught by external lecturers are regularly evaluated. The University does not stipulate that all courses must be evaluated, as the aim is to avoid overloading students with surveys.

On request, the Evaluation Office will provide university lecturers with the required number of questionnaires or a link for an online survey. Please submit your requests via the data collection in the following ILIAS area:

For small courses with up to five students, the Evaluation Office refers to the handout below, as a classic survey using EvaSys is not possible for such small courses.

The use of evaluation data complies with the legal requirements of data protection. Teachers are basically free to use their data as they wish. They are expressly required to discuss the results of the teaching evaluation with their students in one of the last course meetings.

The VPL and the deans receive anonymised and condensed evaluations for quality assurance purposes. Non-compliance with the evaluation regulations will be sanctioned. In some faculties, the results of the teaching evaluations are also used as a criterion for the internal performance-related allocation of funds.

In addition to regular course evaluations, numerous ad hoc surveys are also carried out to inform committee decisions on quality assurance and development.

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Die 2011 verabschiedete Evaluationsordnung

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