Internship Providers


Our students actively support companies and institutions in their day-to-day business and projects. In addition, many interns maintain close ties with their internship institution over long periods of time. They may continue to work on projects after their internship, they may complete a follow-up internship, or they may examine a complex issue for their internship provider as part of their final thesis.

The internship offices act as an interface between the University and host companies and institutions. They help students to prepare for and carry out their internships and assist with any follow-up activities. They are also there to help internship providers with questions, requests or suggestions.

If you have any questions about internships or wish to propose an internship opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In terms of content, the study programs at HSU / Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg are the same as those at other universities. There are, however, certain things that set us apart from public universities.

The academic year at the University is divided into trimesters of three months each. The curricular program of a trimester corresponds to that of a semester at state universities.

Accredited intensive study programs
All the study programs were accredited in 2007 by ACQUIN. Owing to the advantageous learning environment at the University, all the study programs are intensive and enable students to acquire up to 75 credit points per year. A bachelor’s program can be completed in just seven trimesters and the ensuing master’s program in a further five trimesters. The standard period of study for consecutive bachelor’s and master’s degrees is therefore only four years.

Small classes
Most classes have fewer than 25 students. This ensures an intensive learning experience and individual attention.

Selection procedures
Students are chosen in an assessment center that lasts several days. This procedure assesses applicants in terms of their suitability to become an officer and their ability to study.

All students at the University attend compulsory seminars from other areas of study. We believe that a historian should have a basic knowledge of economics, and that a mechanical engineer should have skills in vocational training.

Foreign languages
All students at the University must take foreign language courses. The Federal Office of Languages is in charge of examinations.

Owing to the special situation at HSU / Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg, the following special conditions apply to internships.

July, August, September or together with a lecture

How long
at least 4 to 10 weeks but no more than 10

As officer candidates and officers, students at the University receive a regular salary from the Bundeswehr. They therefore do not receive payment for internships.

Internship agreement
An internship agreement is provided by the Bundeswehr. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions or requests relating to this agreement.

For the duration of their internship, students are assigned to a Bundeswehr garrison close to their internship provider. If possible, they will also receive accommodation at this location.

Internships are an integral part of the study programs offered at the Department of Human and Social Sciences.


Students of education complete a compulsory internship lasting at least eight weeks (320hours) as part of the bachelor’s program and a further internship lasting at least six weeks (240hours) as part of the master’s program.


Students of history complete a compulsory internship of at least six weeks as part of the bachelor’s program. Or they can take a language course instead.


Students of psychology complete a compulsory internship of at least 390hours (ten weeks) in both the bachelor’s and the master’s program. Psychology students are supervised by a professional psychologist (Dipl.-Psy./M.Sc.) during their internship.

In the Department of Economic and Social Sciences, internships are incorporated into the study programs in a variety of ways.

Business Administration

Master’s students specializing in international management, innovation and network management, and risk management are able to complete an internship abroad of at least six weeks as part of an elective module.

Political Science

Students of political science can complete an internship of at least five weeks as part of an elective module during the bachelor’s program. Master’s students specializing in international relations and comparative democracy research can also complete an internship lasting at least four weeks.

Public Administration Law
As part of this program, students complete a total of four internships: one lasting three months and three lasting four weeks. These internships may only be completed in agencies of the federal defense administration.

The following regulations apply to students of engineering:

Students enrolled in the electrical engineering and mechanical engineering programs at bachelor level must complete a total of 22 weeks of internships (a 6-week basic internship and two 8-week advanced internships). As the basic internship and the first advanced internship are prerequisites for the program, students complete the second advanced internship during their studies.

Bachelor’s students enrolled in engineering management complete a total of 12 weeks of internships (a technical component of 7 weeks and a commercial component of 5 weeks).

The study programs at the University are practical and job oriented. For this reason, final theses that are completed in cooperation with companies or institutions are welcome and popular. Are there issues in your company or institution which urgently require systematic and thorough examination but for which you simply don’t have time? Perhaps we can help you. Our students would be glad to lend a hand and will provide your organization with new ideas.

Processing times vary depending on the study program (see also the program and examination regulations for each study program). Please note the following:

Bachelor’s theses

  • Preparation time: 3 months
  • Start: at the latest by the beginning of the 7th trimester (1 October)

Master’s theses

  • Preparation time: 4 months
  • Start: at the latest by the beginning of the 5th trimester (1 April)


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