Internship Office

The four departments at the University offer 15 bachelor’s and 20 master’s study programs in a total of twelve fields.

Internships are integrated into the study programs in different ways. They allow students to test the knowledge they have acquired at university, to gain professional experience, and to broaden their skills.

The internship offices help students before, during and after their internships. We are also here to help our internship providers with any questions they may have.


Praktika in Kooperationen

  “Do something for others and learn something in the process.” With this motto in mind, the University has established permanent cooperation programs with various schools and social welfare institutions in the community. It is here that our students regularly help out (for example in internships), assume responsibility for their community, and have an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in specific projects. The University’s main focus is on promoting reading skills, but we are also active in many other areas.