Dr. Simone Neumann

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Simone Neumann




Consultation hours:

+49 40 6541-3516

[email protected]

Holstenhofweg 85, 22043 Hamburg
Building H1, Room 2220

flexible, upon prior arrangement

Short CV

Simone Neumann studied information-oriented business administration at the University of Augsburg. She successfully completed her PhD on the topic of airplane boarding in 2018.

Since February 2019, she is a research associate at the Institute of Management Science and Operations Research at the HSU.
Besides airport logistics, her research interests are in the field of sharing economy and intralogistics.

Since August 2021, she is working as scientific project coordinator in the dtec project AuLoKomp.

Publications of Simone Neumann

Bachmat, E., Erland, S., Jaehn, F., & Neumann, S. (2022). Air Passenger Preferences: An International Comparison Affects Boarding Theory. Operations Research, to appear. Link

Neumann, S. (2019). Is the boarding process on the critical path of the airplane turn-around?. European Journal of Operational Research, 277(1), 128-137. Link

Hutter, L., Jaehn, F., & Neumann, S. (2019). Influencing factors on airplane boarding times. Omega, 87, 177-190. Link

Jaehn, F., & Neumann, S. (2015). Airplane boarding. European Journal of Operational Research, 244(2), 339-359. Link


Bar-Gera, H., Bijvank, M., Jaehn, F., Neumann, S., Transchel, S. (Guest editors, 2022): Feature Cluster on The Future of Transport: Coordination of Public and Private Transport, European Journal of Operational Research. Link


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