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Team Professur Jaehn

Description Business simulation LUDUS (BWL, VWL) – BACHELOR

This course is designed to help you see and use your knowledge from your bachelor studies in its context: almost like in a real company!
LUDUS simulates the decision-making processes at the top management level of German industrial companies. It shows the impact and allows the control of such decisions. The focus is on both strategic planning and operational implementation.

The initial situation is that the participant groups take over identical companies in the legal form of a stock corporation as their board of directors. Each participant group (= company) must organize itself in such a way that it produces up to three products and sells them on up to four markets. The market form of the supply oligopoly reflects the most widespread competitive situation in modern market economies. Competitive (= joint) flow production illustrates typical industrial production.
The game situation changes from period (= quarter) to period, according to the competing actions of the firms. After eight periods (= two game years), with disclosure of the strategies and their implementation by the participants in a final meeting, the companies are transferred back to the game management.

Description Seminar Logistics Management (BWL, WI, VWL) – MASTER

In the seminar Logistics Management, students work independently on topics from the quantitative field of logistics. As a rule, students are given an English-language journal article to start with, which they are expected to work through independently and write a German-language paper and presentation on this topic.


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