Exploring the Datafication, Digitalization and Automatization of Educational Governance and Practice


19. August 2019


6.-7. September 2019, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Thomas-Ellwein-Saal

Organisation: PD Dr. Sigrid Hartong und M.A. Annina Förschler


Over the past decade, considerable efforts have been made to examine the burgeoning of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the field of education. On the one hand, the ‘turn’ towards evidence-based policy has resulted in a growing datafication of education, such as the rise of large-scale and longitudinal (digital) data production, intensified monitoring or technology-related consul­tancy practices. On the other hand, the on­going promotion of ‘digital education’ and the use of smart technology claim to deeply trans­form classroom practice, particularly by providing ‘perso­nalized’ ways of teaching and learning. Together, both trends con­dition the framework for complex entwinements between those who govern education and those who are governed.

This workshop brings together emerging and field-leading scholars from various cultural contexts to discuss ensuing questions related to the growing datafication, digitalization and auto­matization of educational governance and practice. Topics include:

The emergence and analysis of new data infrastructures in the governing of education
New forms of (adaptive) testing and performance measurement
The rise of the Global EdTech Industry as well as new intermediary actors
and their impact on education policy and practice
Effects of datafication, digitalization and automatization on classroom settings
Impacts on the teaching profession
Linking transformations in the education sector to research on the digital society, the transformation of citizenship and democracy