Student project: Data analysis


3. October 2022

Data analysis of data of a seismic sensor network in collaboration with DESY

Who: Bachelor or master students

What: Data analysis in Python

Where: UHH (DESY) / HSU / online

Contact: Prof’in Katharina-Sophie Isleif, isleifk(at)

Within this student research project you will be part of the WAVE team and will get involved in the data analysis of the measurement data of a fiber network. We want to identify longwave signals and disturbances below 1 Hz and analyze them spectrally.

Background: In May 2021, a seismic measurement campaign was initiated on the DESY Campus Bahrenfeld. For a period of 2 weeks, various sensors including a seismic fiber network were installed to measure the seismic activity on the campus in the vicinity of large-scale research facilities and sensitive experiments. Since then, the WAVE team consisting of physicists, geophysicists, engineers and computer scientists has been working together to analyze the large amount of data. The team has already been able to identify cars, cyclists, loudspeaker announcements, temperature fluctuations and even earthquakes in China.