The Chair of Metrology at Helmut Schmidt University, which focuses on optical high precision metrology, is active in both fundamental research in physics and industrial applications. The team develops innovative digital Sensor-2-Cloud platforms and wireless optical sensors within a dtec project. The team is making an important contribution to the Einstein Telescope, a planned gravitational wave detector in Europe. New auxiliary sensor concepts and algorithms are designed and experimentally investigated to reduce Newtonian Noise. The team is active in the seismic network initiative WAVE in Hamburg and supports the ALPS II experiment at DESY for dark matter research. With high-precision laser interferometry, multi-fringe interferometry and broadband seismic fiber sensors, the limits of measurement technology are being extended. Comprehensive simulations with IfoCAD and optimization algorithms to suppress ambient noise (“Newtonian Noise”) support the dedicated sensor development.

Research: Optical engineering for astronomy and industry

Collaborations: dtec, WAVE, ET, LIGO, LISA and ALPS II

Teaching: Messtechnik für Maschinenbau

Publications: Scientific articles and theses