Feb 08 2024


Dahlke, P.; Schmelzer, P. (2023). Incentives to Holistic Methodology and Computer Aided Tool Support in Naval Vessels Design. In: 22nd Conference on Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT 2023), Druebeck, pp. 34-44.
Mai 09 2023


Rosenthal, P.; Demke, N.; Mantwill, F.; Niggemann, O. Plan-Based Derivation of General Functional Structures in Product Design. 2023. DOI: 10.48550/arXiv.2302.04600.
Mrz 14 2023


Uhler, M.; Schonhoff, M.; Nees, T.A.; Wonerow, T.; Nuppnau, J.; Mantwill, F.; Kretzer, J.P.; Schroeder, S. Rheological Behavior of Different Bovine Calf Sera before, during and after Biomechanical Testing. Lubricants 2022, 10, 224. (https://doi.org/10.3390/lubricants10090224)
Mrz 14 2023


Vorwerk, C.; Messmer, S.; Winter, S. Multisensor concept for wire rope analysis. In: Proceedings of the OIPEEC and ISRD Conference 27-30 September 2022, S.375-393. Stuttgart: University, 2022
Okt 18 2021

M.Sc. Paul Dahlke

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