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International Marketing

The economic conditions are characterized by globalization of the markets and growing competition. The goals of international marketing are to satisfy the needs of global customers, improve competitiveness, coordinate marketing activities and to be aware of the restrictions of the global environment. Such restrictions include environmental factors such as laws, customs borders, and cultural characteristics that vary from country to country. Global awareness and knowledge of international specialties should be developed in international market organizations.

Market Research

Market research is one of the established subfields of marketing science. It is inseparably linked to marketing because the alignment of offers from the various companies with customer wishes as well as the influencing of these customer requirements by the companies requires profound information about customers and markets. Market research is the function that connects consumers, customers and the public with the provider through information. This information is used to identify marketing opportunities and problems, develop, modify, and review marketing efforts, verify marketing success, and improve understanding of the marketing process.

Online Marketing

New electronic and interactive media are entering the marketplace. Nowadays, the Internet is  the way to reach the customer for many companies. This results in a change in the relationship between companies and customers, which also changes marketing and communication strategies. Online marketing is a central prerequisite for successful e-commerce and is indispensable for modern companies from the marketing point of view.


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