Team 26.02.2022
Team of Laser Technology & Spectroscopy

Do we shape the future?

Do you want to live in a changing world where the future is bright? You want to wake up in the morning and see that there are improvements and changes as compared to yesterday? If so, this is the time to contribute to the progress, make a difference, and change. Essentially this is what we are doing here in our team, researching, questioning things, developing new technologies, and inventing. We are mostly busy with the technologies related to ultrafast and nonlinear optics and hope that we can extend their impact to dark matter detection with EUV frequency combs, and advance the technologies further, help to improve nonlinear imaging with <50 fs pulses, bring new infrared laser technology with Cr:ZnS oscillators, new methods for pulse shortening and compression and more (see our publications and research section).

The future is bright, but only if we work on it hard and smart.