Multi-Objective Production Scheduling

MOOPPS is a computer system, designed to solve scheduling problem like machine scheduling, project scheduling, etc. It combines an interactive schedule generator with artificial intelligence algorithms like A*, genetic algorithms, local search heuristics and others. The integration of preferences of the decision maker in the construction of optimal solutions is supported by a decision support module.

Besides the optimization of the problem, the visualization and explanation of the implemented techniques is one of the main ideas of MOOPPS. Due to the fact, that there exists a huge variety of scheduling problem with the corresponding, differing objectives, the user should be able to „look behind“ the algorithmic approaches and modify them in a straight-forward manner.

After successfully competing in the finals in Ronneby, Sweden, the MOOPPS software has been awarded the European Academic Software Award 2002.

EASA 2002
EASA 2002 certificate

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