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Research into the development and application of new innovative laser sources is of paramount importance for a variety of key technologies (production, measurement, environmental and life sciences, defense). Major research objectives in the field of laser technology are, on the one hand, the increase in efficiency and performance and the development of new wavelength ranges through the development of new materials and methods, and, on the other, the use of such sources, for example for spectroscopic or metrological applications. An important key role is played by materials research, e.g. by producing new laser crystals or materials for optical frequency conversion.

The research work of the chair focuses on the development of new integrated optical components and laser sources, on the microstructuring of optical materials, on optical communication technology and fiber optic sensors. There is good networking with other local research institutes (UHH, DESY). In a more fundamental area, we focus on nonlinear optical wave propagation in materials with periodically structured material properties (such as refractive index modulation). Application-oriented research projects include the development of compact optical fiber sensors, e.g. for biomedical applications, miniaturized laser sources for the near and mid-infrared range as well as components for optical frequency conversion.