IFF Project “Civic Participation in Foreign and Security Policy” (Geis/Pfeifer/Opitz)


25. January 2021

Civic Participation in Foreign and Security Policy: Motivation, Processes, Results

Anna Geis / Hanna Pfeifer / Christian Opitz, funded by the HSU Internal Reseach Fund (IFF), July 2018-June 2019

Democratic foreign and security policy (FSP) has for a long time been regarded as a domain of the executive and as hardly accessible to participation beyond regular representative, parliamentary procedures. During the last years, though, a trend has emerged in some democracies to enhance citizens’ inclusion into deliberative and decision-making processes in the field of FSP. The goal of this project is to investigate the motivation, processes and results of these forms of civic participation.

  • How, why and for what purpose do ministries initiate participatory processes in the field of FSP?
  • Which results emerge from different formats of participation have regarding policies, processes and institutions?
  • How do different groups of participants, i.e. citizens, experts, stakeholders, and representatives of the executive assess the outcomes of these processes?
  • How can such participatory processes in FSP be contextualised within democratic theory, i.e. how should they be judged regarding their normative quality, in particular the legitimacy and effectiveness of political decisions?

A synopsis of the project can be found  here.


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Conference Papers:

Democratic Innovations in Foreign and Security Policy – A Way of Democratising Security?, angenommen für die European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) in Brüssel (geplant für Juli 2020).

Democratic innovations in foreign and security policy – Framing of participatory-deliberative processes by German ministries, angenommen für die ECPR Joint Sessions in Toulouse (geplant für April 2020).

Negotiating Foreign and Security Policy at the “Heart of Society”? Evidence from Germany, presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Mons (Belgium), April 2019.

Negotiating Foreign and Security Policy at the “Heart of Society”? Evidence from Germany, presented at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), April 2019.

Citizens Dialogues in Foreign Policy between Democratic Participation and Strategic Communication – Some Lessons Learned from the German case?, presented at the European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) in Kraków, June 2019.