Distributed Shipborne Self-Configuring HF Over-The-Horizon-Radar


Beyond-the-horizon detection of targets can be achieved by radars operating in the high-frequency (HF) band (3 to 30 MHz). Two kinds of stationary Over-The-Horizon-Radar (OTHR) systems have been developed, known as surface-wave (or ground wave) radar and skywave radar. Surface-wave radar uses the surface-wave propagation mode over salty water to look over the immediate horizon up to ranges of 400 km. Skywave radars make use of the ionosphere to scatter radio waves very long distances. The minimum range is about 1000 km and the maximum useful range is about 4000 km. The systems build so far are extremely large and, thus, impede a mobile application.


The aim of this study is to develop functional concepts for mobile surface-wave or skywave radar systems which are distributed on selected ships of a naval ship formation. Simulations including antenna configurations, propagation effects, waveform and signal processing are expected to provide an insight into their particular radar performance.


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PD Dr.-Ing. Th. Fickenscher , B.Tech. A. Gupta


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