High-Frequency Engineering I and II (C.G. Schäffer)
Microwave Engineering (C.G. Schäffer)

8 L (Lesson) ; 6 E (Exercise) ; 5 P (Practical) ; 3 R (Revision course)

High-Frequency Engineering I

Transmission lines, SMITH chart and Scattering parameters

High-Frequency Engineering II

Transmitter and receiver ciruits

Microwave Engineering

Hollow, planar and optical waveguides

Sensor Systems 1 – Radar and Antennas (Th. Fickenscher)

Lesson   Lecture-No.   990504
Exercise  Lecture-No.   990505

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2 L (Lesson) , 1 E (Exercise)


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    Faculty of Electrical Engineering

English course of Study / Study Plan  –  Engineering Science: Defence Systems (B.Sc.)

Optical Broadband Communication I and II (C.G. Schäffer)

2 L (Lesson) , 1 E (Exercise)

Micro- and Millimeter Wave-Photonics (Th. Fickenscher)

2 L (Lesson)

Antennas and Related Systems (Th. Fickenscher)

2 L (Lesson)

Selected Topics of High-Frequency Engineering (Th. Fickenscher)

1 L (Lesson) ; 1 E  (Exercise)


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