The Chair of Radio Frequency Engineering investigates electromagnetic effects at frequencies in the MMW range down to the VLF band as well as in the field of MMW photonics. Research fields include RADAR and SONAR with synthetic aperture (SAR/SAS), antennas, optically steerable passive MMW components, and the coexistence of wind turbines with radar and communication systems.

  • Innovative approaches to increasing the depth of reception for VLF signals.
  • Improving data-driven estimation of 3D trajectory and bathymetry for circular SAS (CSAS).
  • Calibrated multiband SAS
  • Application of nonlinear Fourier transform (NFT) in optical communications

  • Signal processing for low frequency (LF) synthetic aperture sonar
  • Signal processing for circular synthetic aperture sonar (CSAS)
  • Coexistence of wind farms and terrestrial radio links
  • Distributed self-configuring HF over-the-horizon (OTH) radar on ships
  • Automated verification of phased array precision approach radar PAR-80
  • Broadband HF shipboard antennas with distributed damping
  • Laser-controlled millimeter-wave directional couplers in image guide technology
  • Laser-controlled micro and MMW filters
  • Radio-over-fiber DWDM system
  • Serial-parallel filter structures for adaptive residual dispersion compensation
  • Adaptive dispersion slope compensator
  • Miniaturized fiber-optic surface-plasmon-resonance sensor

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